Day 2 at Stackpole

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Today we split into our two groups for our morning activities: Coots went canoeing and Swans went rock-pooling.  



What do you think we might find? 


Angle Bay had some amazing rock pools, we found: a shally, four different types of crab, some sea stars and winkles. We even escaped back to the bus before the rain came down!


In the afternoon we visited Pembroke Castle which is an impressive example of a Norman castle.   We learned about barbicans, murder holes, keeps, dungeons and oubliette! Beech class will happily share their knowledge with you when we return! 

Entering the castle with a battering ram! 

Entering the castle with a battering ram! 

We enjoyed a relaxing evening, writing our diaries, playing games and chess in the common room and listening to a shared story before bed time.