Day 1 at Stackpole!

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Arrived safe and sound at 1pm, in the driving wind and rain. Settled into our rooms then a lovely lunch! We then prepared ourselves in full rain gear for a walk to Broadhaven beach. We've seen a giant pike, a murmuration of rooks, founds a mermaids purse from a blonde ray, some jelly fish washed up on the shore. We climbed up through the dunes to see the view " wow it's awesome!" " amazing" " l want to bring my mum back here" These were just some of the responses from the kids. Sorry no photographic evidence as it was very wet when we set out but it soon cleared up. 

Down time before dinner!     

Down time before dinner!  


Following dinner we started our John Muir Conservation Award diaries, there's been some great writing of today's activities.  



Diary writing in full swing!

Weve since had hot chocolate and are ready for bed.