Day three - Stackpole

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We woke to a very blustery Welsh morning. After a hearty breakfast we were ready for a day of coastal walking and rock climbing. 


The Swans!


The Coots!



On Stackpole Quay, we looked for fossils of ancient corals and identified different types of rock. 

Here we are standing either side of two tectonic plates! 

From Stackpole Quay we walked along the coastal path to Barafundle Beach where we spent some time on the sand.

From here we climbed higher and higher until we were overlooking the sea. The wind was immense and we struggled to stand, let alone walk, at times! The wind was blowing the spray high into the sky and it was an amazing experience.

Bit breezy! 

After a well deserved lunch, the children set out to climb. They approached it with enthusiasm, positivity and resilience. Everyone climbed and abseiled and supported each other with shouts of encouragement or advice. It was a great team moment and they should be super proud of their achievements. If they can climb in those slimy, wet conditions they can climb any mountain!