Chestnut Class - Harry Potter Day Part 2

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Professor Trelawney's glasses were proving to be a popular accessory. They didn't stay on for very long though!


After lunch the Marauder's maps were completed with a detailed floor layout of the school on the inside of the folding map.

Then the children thought about their Patronus animal. The Patronus charm, created by saying the phrase 'Expecto Patronum' - which, as far as I am aware, is Latin for 'I await a guardian' is used to protect us from Dementors. In basic form it creates a silvery, white light shield but a stronger wizard can create an animal form. The children posed for photos and then using chalks on black card created these wonderful pieces of artwork that really capture the look of the Patronus from the films.

Patronus art.JPG

Then we relocated to the hall for Quidditch practice, which was highly entertaining. Each team had a keeper in front of the goal, whilst the rest of the team had to try and score with the Quaffle. Below there is even an action shot of Meg scoring! All that was left to do after that was visit Honeydukes. We ate Tom Riddle's Baby Basilisks, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans (no bogey flavoured, thankfully), Ollivander's Wands and Owl Droppings.

Thank you Chestnut Class for an AMAZING day - Magic does exist!

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