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In Chestnut class, our cross-curricular topic until Christmas is Harry Potter. This fits the whole school, overarching theme of 'Enter the Castle'.

The children are enjoying the start of our Harry Potter themed topic. In the Summer Holidays I watched all of the films and thought how great it would be to get through a book every fortnight and therefore the whole series would be completed by Christmas. This has turned out to be grossly optimistic but nonetheless what we have done so far has still been very entertaining. It has been great to hear of children reading the stories/watching the films for the first time or rediscovering them.

Just because we are making our way through the first one doesn’t mean they can’t read the seventh, or watch the film to find out what happens next. We are learning from the story; going into the finer details to unpick literary techniques and using the characters to think about the moral and social perspectives portrayed. Also, we will be watching sections of the film to make comparisons and spot differences between the books and the films.

In other words, yes we are reading the books in chronological order but don’t let that get in the way of a child wanting to get lost in the magic at Hogwarts.

Bringing the magic to life

Bringing the magic to life