Chestnut Assembly Costumes

Added on by Chestnut.

Wednesday 27th November at 9:10


Please can everyone have a ‘Hogwarts’ style uniform –

  • Normal school trousers/skirt
  • Normal white collared shirt/polo shirt/blouse
  • Grey/black jumper or cardigan
  • Ties optional!

We also need to create a costume change for some of the songs and so we need some black sheets of material that we can cut up and quickly throw on over the top of the uniform. (think generic ghost costume but black instead of white) If anybody has any big sheets that you would be willing to let us have and share out with the class I would be really grateful and I will see what I can source too. Please can you let me know ASAP so that everyone doesn’t go out and panic buy lots of sheets!

Please bring wands back into school and keep them safe in your drawers.

The costumes will be used again for our Harry Potter themed day but that will be planned out once it is earned through completion of the whole class reading challenge.