Reading records now in on Wednesdays

Added on by Silver Birch.

Silver Birch have been doing some fabulous reading at home (see an earlier notice with a picture of our turret!)  Please could the children bring in their reading records for review on a Wednesday morning for the rest of the term.  The records will be reviewed and returned to the children on Thursday morning. 

We love celebrating our reading in Silver Birch and we are starting to share with each other what we are reading at the moment and what we are enjoying about the books we are reading.  We will be celebrating our reading for pleasure every Thursday morning before we go swimming.

At the moment Mrs Stansfield is reading the Percy Jackson series of books.  She is on to the fifth and last book in the series: Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian.  It is very exciting and a great adventure. 

Mr Brown has been reading all about Vikings!  He has a very good Dorling Kindersley book at home which has fascinating facts about Vikings in it.

Happy reading!