Severe Weather Procedures

Added on by School Administrator.

We are writing to remind you of the procedures in the event of snowy weather conditions. 

Please listen to HEART Radio or Wiltshire Radio who will start announcing school closures from 6.45am.  You can also go on the HEART FM website and click on NEWS and then SCHOOL CLOSURES and they give a very comprehensive list of Wiltshire School Closures. 

You could also check the “Our News” page on our school website for information.  Please do not rely on social media for an accurate update.

Please be assured that whilst every effort will be made to keep the school open, the safety of students and staff is of paramount importance during extreme weather conditions.  Also, the majority of our teachers live in surrounding towns and may experience difficulties on minor roads. We will ensure you receive information as quickly as possible; you will also receive a text if the school is closed

If you do not receive a text this is due to your mobile telephone numbers not being up-to-date on our school records.

Kind Regards

Pam Evans