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Girls Cricket team - winners of festival at Chippenham Dome


Congratulations to Captain Faith and her team for winning the girls only cricket festival on 22nd October 2013.  Thanks to Ms Sims for her tireless sporting efforts and giving our children such a diversity of sports.

Firstly we played Hilmarton School and beat them by 38 runs.  

Next we played Sutton Benger and the final score was 37-27 to Neston.  Our third match was against Redlands in the semi finals and again Neston were victorious (41-36).

Having made it to the final, we battled against St.Edmund's and beat them by a mere 9 runs!

Congrats to Holly for her mighty 6's; to Emma for her spectacular catches; Faith for her consistent batting; to Clemmie for being the only player to bowl someone out; to Emily for her 3's just at the right moment; to Leona for her solid fielding skills and to Maddy for her accurate bowling and batting.

Written by the girls.