Ofsted Report 2018

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Dear Parents,

Please CLICK HERE to view our recent Ofsted report.

Our inspection was a full and thorough inspection and we are very proud and delighted that our school remains "Good".

During the inspection, inspectors noted that there was a lovely atmosphere to the school where "staff look after the pupils very well and keep them safe". The team also reported that "the quality of teaching is good. Teachers plan interesting lessons across a wide and balanced curriculum".

The inspectors discussed the performance data that is published by the school and also the day to day data tracking system. We discussed how data fluctuates depending on the academic and emotional needs of specific cohorts. The inspectors recognised the steps the school had taken to ensure rapid and accelerated progress of each cohort and how it had addressed specific needs of particular groups of children.

Our accurate school self –evaluation based on rigorous data analysis identified the need to accelerate the progress of the higher achieving learners so we are clearly on the right track. Our Maths – No Problem work is already helping to achieve this and the inspectors recognised that it needs some time to embed. The inspectors commented on the strength of the leadership team because the areas for further development have already been identified and implemented.

We want to thank the parents and staff who gave such overwhelming positive feedback on all aspects of the school both through Parent View and directly to the inspectors. The children were amazing - speaking to inspectors with real passion about our school and all that it stands for. I would also like to thank the Governors for their time and commitment to the school - their dedication and hard work has enabled the school to continue to be "Good".

I am very privileged and lucky to work with such a dedicated and strong team who work tirelessly to ensure that the children are successful and enjoy their time at school. We will continue to provide as many "Learning Adventures" as we can muster in order to provide all our children with a fabulous standard of education.

Yours sincerely

Pam Evans