The Great Big Neston Ride - Event Rules

Added on by Andy Howe.

Event Rules

1.     Helmets must be worn at all times by all participants when riding on the track


2.     All bikes, scooters, roller blades and any other modes of wheeled transport must be in roadworthy condition


3.     No motorised vehicles are allowed on track


4.     Adults are responsible for the behaviour and safety of any children they accompany to the event


5.     Children leaving the track into the car park area must be accompanied by an adult


6.     All participants must travel in a clockwise direction around the track


7.     An area for learners/less confident/younger riders will be coned off on the left-hand side of the home straight, so when entering the home straight riders completing laps must keep to the right of the track.


8.      Ensure you take care when crossing the track


9.     Please ensure all litter is put in the bins provided or taken away with you


These rules are for all our safety and enjoyment