First News - The Children's View

Added on by Andy Howe.

As mentioned in the FONS fundraising post, they are funding our annual subscription to First News, which costs £460 and the money you have raised is already making a difference to reading in our classrooms.

First News is the weekly national newspaper for children. It provides up-to-date articles on a range of subjects from entertainment, sport and politics, as well as covering all the major news stories from home and abroad. Our subscription includes weekly delivery of class copies of the newspaper, as well as access for teachers to the digital edition and a whole range of resources to use within the classroom. It has proved particularly useful for the teachers in Guided Reading sessions as it comes with relevant comprehension activities around the articles that week.

Here are just some of the reasons why the children love using them so much...

They have lots of stories around the world and they’re very funny
— Ellie, Silver Birch
I learn from them
— Eddie G, Silver Birch
They are interesting and I love 10 at Number 10 and the daily paper boy
— Eddie, Hazel
It helps me understand what’s happening in the world around me
— Abi H, Hazel
It tells me all the latest news
— James P, Hazel
They give me fun information that interests me for the whole day!
— Evie, Chestnut
They are fun, quirky and exciting to read
— Izzy, Chestnut
They have more interesting articles than normal newspapers
— Zoe, Beech
It’s easier to read than the everyday newspaper because it fills you in on important things
— Olivia, Beech
It tells you fascinating facts from around the world and it has fun quizzes.
— Genevieve, Maple
They really help me write news reports because I read them. They also have great puzzles and games at the end.
— Lily, Maple
I can relate to some of the subjects it talks about.
— Abbie, Maple