More School Games action for Neston - this time netball!

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The Y5/6 netball squad took part in 5 Level 2 matches over two afternoons at Corsham Comp (which were officiated by two 6th formers who played for Neston when they were in Year 6!). Martha and Rosie took on the role of captain along with the decisions of who would play in which position. They and the squad (Zoe, Katherine, Kate, Ellen, Ben, Barney and Finn) got stronger and stronger as the tournament progressed. They worked on their passing and marking and won 3 games out of the 5. Special mention goes to our goal scorers Zoe and Ben for their composure and to Martha who was one of the 3 pupils out of all the schools taking part to be commended by Mrs Long (the SGO) for her defensive skills!