Welcome Back

Added on by Andy Howe.

2016 at Neston begins with a 'Journey of Discovery' and each of the classes will be learning about this concept in different ways throughout the Spring Term.

Willow class will start with transport and will see where their child-led learning will take them in the next few weeks. Plenty of 'Aarrrgghhh' may be heard down the corridor, as the pirates of Oak class will be exploring and discovering things above the sea - they have even already made maps! Similarly, Silver Birch will be delving deep under the sea and they have a very exciting trip with Oak class on the horizon.

Out of the sea, and hopefully not flying too close to the sun, Hazel and Chestnut will read lots of Greek Myths and will be learning about the importance of Greek discoveries and how they still influence us today. Also, Hazel class will be swimming this term and Chestnut have their assembly to share their learning.

Maple and Beech will be taking on their own Greek myth, in the form of the epic Odyssey. They will also be learning about David Livingstone, the Scottish missionary who explored Africa and this will link into learning about rivers.


(Written by Mr Howe)