Information Letter - 8th June

Added on by Andy Howe.

Dear Parents

Well, what an exciting few months! We have had school trips, class assemblies and themed days not to mention class specific events linked to our topics.

Sports Day

Firstly, I must mention Sports Day. What a huge success where fun was had by all! I put my order in for good weather and thankfully we got it. A big thank you to Ms Sims for organising a very slick operation and also a huge thank you to FONS for their continued support and hard work. I would, however, like to reiterate the importance of refraining from posting pictures of other people’s children on social media sites. There are some children in our school and indeed surrounding schools where posting pictures could compromise their safety and the safety of their families. If you have inadvertently posted a picture or video clip of someone else’s child on Facebook or other social media sites, could you please remove it immediately. I value your continued support in keeping our children and their families safe.

Ms Patrick

I am delighted to announce that Ms Patrick will be returning from maternity leave on 13th July 2015. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl a few months ago and has named her Edith. Ms Patrick will spend that week acclimatising herself to the many changes which have taken place in her absence and working on strategic planning with me. We are very sad to be losing Mrs Alway who has slotted into Neston so well and has worked tirelessly to give Oak class another super year. Mrs Alway is a great fan of Neston and has promised to do supply cover for us. Mrs Alway’s last working day will be 17th July 2015.

TD Days

I can announce that the 1st and 2nd of September will be TD days and therefore that school will be closed to the children. The staff will be exploring our data package and our system for reporting progress and attainment. We will be paying particular attention to progress and attainment during the first day and will be able to feed our research and findings back to parents in due course. The second day will be spent further analysing data and identifying strengths and weaknesses of cohorts. We will also be carrying out rigorous performance management meetings and setting targets. Despite all this hard work, my staff will be raring to go and be welcoming the children back with open arms on 3rd September 2015! I will let you know of dates of subsequent TD days as soon as they are finalised.

Thank you for your continued support

Yours sincerely Pam Evans

Please see separate post for accompanying dates for the remainder of the school year