FONS AGM - The Chairman's Report

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On the 18th May 2015, FONS held our AGM at school. This is a copy of the Chairman's Report of the year (events listed chronologically, from June '14 through to May '15) which was presented at the meeting.

  • Sports Day The event in June was a great success with Key Stage 1 competing in the morning and Key Stage 2 competing in the afternoon. This allowed us to sell packed lunches as a new fundraising opportunity. Gary Richards and Martin  Punter organised the sports day again with Tracey-Ann Walpole and Sally Dellar running the lunches. The Cake & Drinks stall was helped by lots of great cake donations – thanks to everybody who baked. The event raised approximately £300.

  • School Extension Party We celebrated the opening of the school extension in July, where Sheila and Rick Wells' band played into the night. Sam Andrews and Martin Punter worked closely with Pam Evans and Steve Wilkinson (previous Vicar) to provide a BBQ and Bar. It was a great night.

  • Welcome Event This year, in October, the event took the form of a Treasure Hunt and storytime for the children in Willow and Oak. A special thank you to Sheila Stansfield who not only did the story, but also provided some boards on where FONS spent its funds.

  • Neston Fireworks – Another fantastic display this year and a great start for our new display master John Andrews. Gary Richards was magnificent in his organisational skills, even though Wessex Water gave us a scare in the last week. It is a huge event and cannot be underestimated the level of support it needs. This year’s event raised over £9,000.

  • Christmas Festivities – This year FONS ran three events through the run up to Christmas. Christmas cards – Lisa Blackman, Christmas Hampers – Mel Tanner and Christmas Disco – Lysa Fairhurst, with masses of support from FONS members on all the events. We raised over £400. Three great events building on our lessons from previous years.

  • Quiz Night – Our Class reps came into their own on this event, drumming up the enthusiasm for the event and selling over 70 tickets. Martin Punter took on the Quiz Master role and the strictly round was met with varying levels of enjoyment. Thanks to Tracey–Ann Walpole, Sally Dellar and Jacqui Wilmshurst to name but a few who helped with the food on the night. We raised £225 pounds.

  • Easter Egg Hunt – Thanks to Tracey Jewitt, Morven Lamont and Sally Dellar who ran the Easter Egg Hunt this year. Another cracking event.

  • Big Ride – At the beginning of May we had the inaugural Neston School Big Ride event at Castle Combe, which was an idea Tracey Jewitt took from inception through to completion and was brilliant. It took a lot of organising and support to run the event away from our usual stamping ground and feedback has been very positive and has built the foundations hopefully for future years. We managed to raise over £400 and predict that this will rise to £600 once we sell the much sought after water bottles. Thanks to the organising committee and everyone who helped to put the event on.

  • New Ideas – School Cook Book – recipes by the end of May.


  • Funding

  • Home for young chickens - £583 plus outdoor recreational extension

  • Ipads and ancillaries (including charge and sync trolley, cases, screen protectors, Mac Mini, initial apps) - £10,315

  • Flying Pizza Theatre Co. - £199

  • Bonfire equipment 

Another fantastic year where it has felt more people have got actively involved in events, new members have joined the team and we go from strength to strength with new and old events. 

A massive thank you to everyone who has given up their time to support our marvellous school. 

Martin Punter

FONS Chair