Happy Holidays! Gardening tips for Easter...

Added on by Betsy Huggins.

Spring has truly sprung and the school grounds are starting to come to life again. As you may know, we have some fantastic planters in the school grounds, and this year we are donning our welllies and gardening gloves to get them overflowing with yummy vegetables for the summer. 

We are incredibly lucky because helping us to achieve this goal are Alison and Jonathan the owners of Lowden Garden Centre. Not only have they donated seeds and plants, but they are also giving us their invaluable knowledge and time to help the children nurture their crops. 

As part of our ‘Healthy Minds, Healthy Tummies’ day, Alison, Jonathan and the children cleared the beds and planted seed potatoes, peas, broad beans, onions sets, garlic and some herbs. The plants are brilliantly labelled too!

A covering of light branches over the seed beds has added protection form the birds.

We will keep you posted over the coming months as shoots start to appear. 

Happy Gardening!

Lowden’s top tips for Spring Gardening:

Top tips over Easter: Good time to dig over your veggie beds and add some well-rotted manure for good measure. Seed potatoes can now be planted as well as the peas and beans. It’s a bit too early still for anything small seeded i.e. Carrots etc.

It’s an excellent time to now dig over your flower beds, prune back any wayward shrubs and roses. Even though the weather might be lovely don’t be tempted to buy your bedding plants yet. It’s still too frosty at night for tender plants.

Lowden have an Easter egg hunt stating on Monday 30th March ending on Tuesday 7th April and would love to see you there!