Neston's Stunning Performance at the Bath Forum

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On Tuesday 17th June, at 1 pm, around 30 of Neston's finest voices boarded the coach to take them to the Forum Theatre, in Bath. As part of the Corsham Cluster, they were performing in the 'Happy Hour' Concert - sharing and celebrating the feeling of joy. Neston were joined by Box, Colerne, Lypiatt, Saint Patrick's and Corsham Regis.

After sound checks, and a rehearsal on stage to give everyone a taste of the experience, a mix of excitement and nerves swirled around the curved ceiling of the former cinema. There was a wonderful range of performances and songs across the cluster, each school taking the theme in a slightly different direction.

At 4pm, relatives began filling up the remaining seats and the atmosphere was buzzing in anticipation of what was coming. Neston sang 'Let it Go' from the critically acclaimed film Frozen with power and passion, and as the song headed into the climax, the children seemed to grow in confidence and powerfully delivered a spine-tingling, goose bump inducing, performance that made everybody proud. What a team! Here is the end of the performance...