Parent Workshop

Added on by Pam Evans.

What is it like to be a parent?  Most of us might say that it is rewarding, exciting, best job in the world and at the same time it can be a real challenge.  I speak from experience!

At Neston, we are committed to giving our children the best possible start in life and are passionate about developing the whole child, inspiring them, ensuring that we celebrate, build on their talents and prepare them for a future that we can only imagine.

We have been working closely with a respected and professional colleague who shares our values and beliefs.  We are delighted to announce that Linda Mallory our Educational Psychologist will be running a workshop on Healthy, Happy and Successful Children. Read what Linda has to say and decide if you would like to join us. The workshop is running on Wednesday 23rd Oct at 2pm in the hall.  Please pop in.