The Paperwork

This page is where we hope to give you easy access to all the forms and information you may find helpful during term time. If you'd like anything else included here please drop us an email and we'll try to get it up here! 



Payments to school directly may now be made online using our current account details: 

Sort Code: 30-91-99 
Account code: 42755968  

Please use one transaction for each separate item, i.e. one transaction for swimming, one for lunches etc., rather than combining them. Please enter the pupils name and reference details (e.g. 'lunch') as we must be able to recognise who and what the payment is for, or we will not be able to process the payment. 

This facility is not for payment to outside agencies e.g. JR Rugby, Up and Under Sports etc. who are paid directly by parents. 

We hope this will make paying the school more convenient for those parents who wish to take advantage of this method. 

However, we do still accept cash and cheques if you would prefer. Again please make sure that all payments are clearly labelled. 



Medical Forms

In the event of your child being sick, please call 01225 810478 or email the office  before 8.50am so that we can let their teacher know of their absence. 

If you require the school to administer medicine please complete the request form found here and bring it into the school office.

Please note that we are unable to administer any medicine without the written consent of a doctor or pharmacist. 


Leave of Absence in Term Time

The Local Authority has amended its Local Code of Conduct in respect of Penalty Notices issued for truancy to include unauthorised pupil leave of absence in term time. If a pupil accumulates 10 or more sessions of unauthorised leave of absence within the previous 6 month period of a current academic year, the school must notify the Local Authority and a Penalty Notice will be issued to each parent for each child where that applies. 

A penalty of £60 will apply if paid within 21 days or £120 up to 28 days. If after 28 days the penalty has not been paid, legal proceedings will be taken through the magistrates court for the unauthorised absence.

If you would like to request a leave of absence for your child(ren) please click here for a form which should be returned to the school office.

Please click here to view "Frequently Asked Questions"

 If you have more questions please contact the school office or consult the Wiltshire Council Website.