School Improvement Action Plan

We are incredibly proud of our school but we're not complacent, and are aware that there will always be aspects of our school that we are looking to improve. 

To see our current School Improvement Action Plans please click on the links to the .pdf files below.

Achievement of Pupils
Quality of Teaching
Behaviour and Safety of Pupils
Leadership and Management




Improve the quality of teaching so that it is outstanding by making sure that:-

  • teachers consistently give pupils enough advice on how to improve their work and expect them to respond to the guidance given
  • subject leaders regularly observe teaching and provide feedback and share good practise that will help teachers improve their teaching

Increase the rate at which pupils learn in mathematics, especially in Years 3 and 4, by:-

  • improving pupils' use of mathematical language so that they can clearly explain their understanding and reasoning
  • providing more opportunities for pupils to practise and extend their mathematical skills.

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