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How Do We Learn In Oak Class?

By taking risks – we all learn by making mistakes, trying hard and keeping going even when things are challenging. Help us foster the “I can’t do it … yet” attitude by celebrating our efforts. 

How can I help my child in Oak class?         

Read together:  listen to your child read, read to them, read with them, share books or magazines, read recipes or directions and rules for games – if your child reads with an adult outside of school at least five times in a week they will earn points towards class rewards, help your child to try their best.

Home spellings: moving on from Willow class, your child will have words or sounds to learn based on our phonic assessments in class. Stick the words on Post-its around the house, try rainbow writing with lots of colours, write in sand trays, bath crayons or shaving foam and magnets on the fridge – be sure to share any creative ideas.

Support independence: by naming all of your child’s belongings. We are enjoying using our Wellington boots to make the most of "discovering" all the lovely mud!

Develop confidence in learning: ask your child what they are really proud of today, what they have tried really hard at and what they have enjoyed at school (and yes break time counts!)

Capture questions, ideas and achievements: for our class Sharing Wall. We love to celebrate the children's "Wow" moments and it is great to incorporate the children's ideas in our learning adventures. 

Active Learn Login - National Curriculum linked games from our Abacus Numeracy lessons.

Curriculum Visions

Oxford Owl is an award-winning website to help support children’s learning, both at home
and at school.


Click on the image to see what we're learning.

Click on the image to see what we're learning.

Class Notices

Our School Day

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"Large streams from little fountains flow,             
Tall oaks from little acorns grow."               D. Everett 1797


Your Oak FONS Representatives:

If you would like to know more about FONS, our events and how you can help us, then please speak to your class representatives - Jenny Pillinger and Jo Aldred.