Piano Lessons


Piano Lessons with Alison Johnson

Piano lessons are available from Year 3. They are half an hour long and on a one to one basis and cost currently £15.00 per lesson. An invoice is sent out 6 times a year. The lessons rotate through my teaching times (Tuesday mornings and Wednesday - all day)

I teach from beginner to advanced, (and all ages) and will enter pupils for Music exams, if that is what the children wish to do. The main emphasis of learning the instrument, is enjoyment. Through pleasure and a positive experience they will learn so much faster.

From a parent's point of view, to be able to do the lessons, the child will need an instrument to practise on. As a MINIMUM requirement, a full-sized touch sensitive electronic keyboard to play on as well as encouragement to regularly practise at home a LITTLE daily and provide music books.

A little about myself. I am fully-trained teacher - Bachelor of Education Honours Degree in Music. I have been teaching piano for over 35 years and currently teach at Sheldon School, Chippenham, Neston School and a little at home. I am married with two grown-up children.

The lessons are popular and so a waiting list exists. Parents should be encouraged to put their children's name down on the list as soon as they show a keen interest. 

My contact details:

E mail:  allyjohnson@nestonpiano.com