Communication Between School & Parents

Parents are always welcome in school, whether as invaluable helpers or just to share your child's work at the end of the day. If you have any concerns, however, it may be more appropriate to arrange an appointment outside of school hours to talk to the teacher. You may also wish to talk to the Head Teacher or Deputy Head and these appointments can also be arranged either during or outside school hours. 

Parents' Evenings are held twice during the academic year and parents can make an appointment to see the class teacher on an individual basis.  Annual reports are sent out towards the end of Term 4.

School newsletters are sent home via the children and email. The newsletter aims to give you infomation about a variety of school activities and events. School term dates and other important information can be found on the website. 

In addition to our email distribution, the school also operates a text messaging system where a text message is sent to the parent listed as priority one of the admission form. A message will be sent if, for example, the school needed to close in an emergency, or any other message we might need to send to parents promptly. 

Standardised Attainment Tests (SATs) results will be sent home to parents when available. 

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