Charges and Remissions

Activities during the school day

All charges made for activities during the school day will be voluntary.  

All activities that are a necessary part of the National Curriculum plus religious education will be provided free of charge.  The only exception to this is where charges are made for teaching an individual pupil or groups of up to four pupils to play a musical instrument.  

Occasionally outside organisations may visit to perform an activity during the school day.  Examples of this include visiting theatre companies, orchestras or a workshop.  In these cases if the visitor makes a charge, then parents and carers will be asked for a voluntary contribution towards the cost.  

Voluntary contributions made for swimming classes only cover the cost of the coach to and from the swimming pool.  

For school trips to venues away from the school e.g. theatres or museums, a charge will be made to cover the cost of the coach journey and entrance fee at the venue.  

No pupils will be prevented from any of the above activities because their parents or carers are unable to make a contribution.  However if there are insufficient funds the activity may not take place.  

Optional activities outside the school day

There will be a charge for school clubs, which are provided outside of the school day.  These activities are not part of the National Curriculum.  

Residential Visits

Charges will be made to cover transport, board and lodging and the cost of any activities undertaken during the course of the visit.  

No pupils will be prevented from taking part in such visits because their parents or carers are unable to make a contribution. 

Calculating Charges

When charges are made for any activity, whether during or outside the school day, they will be based on the actual costs incurred, divided by the total number of pupils participating.  There will be no levy on those who can pay to support those who cannot.    

Parents and carers will be made aware that support in cases of hardship is available to them.  

The principles of best value will be applied when planning activities that incur costs to the school and/or charges to parents and carers.