Welcome to Neston Primary School.

Between us, we shall do all we can to see that your child's time here is both rewarding and enjoyable. 

All of us involved in the running of the School (both Staff and Governors) are firmly committed to the principle that every child should have the opportunity of gaining the most from his or her time at school. To that end we actively encourage the closest involvement of parents with the school. 

This website hopes to give you a brief background to the school, but it cannot hope to do anything more than to give you a flavour of our approach and attitudes to the education of the children here. We do therefore encourage you to visit the school at work before your child is due to join us. We are always pleased to see you. 

Once your child starts, feel free to contact your child's class teacher (or the Head Teacher) if you have any worries or concerns, or if you are uncertain about anything which is happening at school. We are here to help. 

Gillian Pratt

Chair of Governors