Flute Lessons with Trevor Batham

Flute lessons are available to children in key stage 2. 

Lessons take place on a Monday and cost £9.00 per 20 minute lesson paid in advance at the beginning of each term - typically a 5 or 6 week term. Usually paid online.

Parents are encouraged to make their own arrangements for instruments.  You may rent or borrow a flute (depending on availability at the time.) A second-hand flute would typically cost around £12 per month with a view to purchase later and with a deal regarding payments already made.

Trevor is DBS checked and his Certificate Number is 001547628547. Date of Issue 07 October 2016.

Public Liability Insurance - Allianz.

If you think your child would like to start flute lessons please contact  Trevor Batham direct via email: trevorbatham@gmail.com