Beech Class Swimming lesson - 14th June

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On Thursday 14.06.18, Beech Class will be walking to Springfield Community Campus for a one hour session (10.30-11.30) in the pool.

The purpose of the session is for me to gauge which children can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres. This won’t take longer than 20 minutes and then the children will be able to use the rest of the session as a fun swim.

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Weston-Super-Mare Class Trip - 22nd June

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On Friday 22nd June, Oak and Silver Birch classes will be visiting The Aquarium and the beach in Weston-Super- Mare, to support our creative curriculum theme ‘By the Seaside’. We will leave Neston at 9am so please ensure you are at school for registration for 8.45am. We will arrive back at Neston for 3.15.

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Stackpole Residential Trip (for current year 5s)

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We have made a booking to take the children from current Year 5 on a residential visit to Stackpole in Pembroke from Monday 19th November – Friday 23rd November 2018.

Stackpole is ideally situated with stunning views and well equipped classrooms and rooms with sweeping views of fields and farmland. There is plenty of space to play ball games outside, make bug homes and have camp fires, as well as a large hall for games in the evening.

The children will travel to Stackpole by coach, leaving Neston at 8.30am on Monday 19th November and arrive back at school by 4.30pm on Friday 23rd November 2018.

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Hazel Class Assembly - 27th March

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As you know, the children will be performing their class assembly on Tuesday 27th of March at 9.10am in the school hall. Your child will need to wear a Greek style costume for this event.

Your child will need a chiton (toga) to wear.  To make a chiton, you may wish to use a white or cream coloured t-shirt or a pillowcase with holes cut for the head and arms.  Some sort of belt (any colour) will be needed as well.  Sandals may also be worn.

It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate. Keep it simple! 

Please could this costume be in school on Thursday 22nd March.

If you have any difficulty providing a costume for your child, please see Ms Quinn before the due date. 

Kind regards,

Ms Quinn

Hazel Class Teacher

Bikeability - Beech Class

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Wiltshire Council Road Safety, in partnership with the school, is offering cycle training for pupils. It is designed to develop road sense, awareness of traffic and to improve your child’s ability to ride safely.

The course will take place at school during 13th & 20th March and 14th & 21st March.

Letters were sent home on Wednesday 21st February.  If you would like your child to take part, please return all the necessary forms and payment by Wednesday 28th February - If we do not have enough pupils signed up, the course may have to be cancelled.

Oak Assembly

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Please note that Oak's assembly, due to take place on the 6th February, has been cancelled.  Parents will be notified of a new date after half term.  Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Day three - Stackpole

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We woke to a very blustery Welsh morning. After a hearty breakfast we were ready for a day of coastal walking and rock climbing. 


The Swans!


The Coots!



On Stackpole Quay, we looked for fossils of ancient corals and identified different types of rock. 

Here we are standing either side of two tectonic plates! 

From Stackpole Quay we walked along the coastal path to Barafundle Beach where we spent some time on the sand.

From here we climbed higher and higher until we were overlooking the sea. The wind was immense and we struggled to stand, let alone walk, at times! The wind was blowing the spray high into the sky and it was an amazing experience.

Bit breezy! 

After a well deserved lunch, the children set out to climb. They approached it with enthusiasm, positivity and resilience. Everyone climbed and abseiled and supported each other with shouts of encouragement or advice. It was a great team moment and they should be super proud of their achievements. If they can climb in those slimy, wet conditions they can climb any mountain!


Day 2 at Stackpole

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Today we split into our two groups for our morning activities: Coots went canoeing and Swans went rock-pooling.  



What do you think we might find? 


Angle Bay had some amazing rock pools, we found: a shally, four different types of crab, some sea stars and winkles. We even escaped back to the bus before the rain came down!


In the afternoon we visited Pembroke Castle which is an impressive example of a Norman castle.   We learned about barbicans, murder holes, keeps, dungeons and oubliette! Beech class will happily share their knowledge with you when we return! 

Entering the castle with a battering ram! 

Entering the castle with a battering ram! 

We enjoyed a relaxing evening, writing our diaries, playing games and chess in the common room and listening to a shared story before bed time. 

Day 1 at Stackpole!

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Arrived safe and sound at 1pm, in the driving wind and rain. Settled into our rooms then a lovely lunch! We then prepared ourselves in full rain gear for a walk to Broadhaven beach. We've seen a giant pike, a murmuration of rooks, founds a mermaids purse from a blonde ray, some jelly fish washed up on the shore. We climbed up through the dunes to see the view " wow it's awesome!" " amazing" " l want to bring my mum back here" These were just some of the responses from the kids. Sorry no photographic evidence as it was very wet when we set out but it soon cleared up. 

Down time before dinner!     

Down time before dinner!  


Following dinner we started our John Muir Conservation Award diaries, there's been some great writing of today's activities.  



Diary writing in full swing!

Weve since had hot chocolate and are ready for bed.